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Hi, and welcome to Just a Spoonful of Sugar! My name is Amy, and, in addition to being a travel agent for Living With the Magic Vacations, I am a mom of 3 amazing kids, wife of a very lucky husband, and lover of all things Disney. I have always loved Disney (although there was a period during my teen years that I suppressed that love, you know, teen angst, and all that) Now, in my adulthood, I let me Disney flag fly proud...so much so that we named our youngest after Flynn Rider! My husband proposed to me right in front of Cinderella's Castle, and it has been a happily ever after kind of life since then. Now, I get to share my love and passion for all things Disney in helping my clients plan their perfect vacation, whether it is their first, or 20th time to discover the special magic that is a Disney Destination vacation!

In addition to my love of Disney, I also love cooking and baking. Prior to my life as a travel agent, I went to culinary school, and at one point had my own little bakery business. Keep an eye out here for Disney inspired recipes, along with the occasional recipe that just because it is so good, I have to share it! I also love working in my veggie garden, and finding ways to preserve the harvest, as well as taking care of my pups and chickens.

Sit back with a cup of tea, and enjoy Just a Spoonful of Sugar!

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