Day 2 Continued....

Sorry to leave y'all hanging! Here is the continuation of our second day, Magic Kingdom in the evening.

Let me start out by saying that there are things that I advise my clients to do, or avoid. One of those things I do not ever recommend is going to a park on a "red" day (meaning it is the most crowded park to be at). Can you see where I'm going with this? Yup...a lot of this trip was research on what not to do for my clients! Magic Kingdom was Spring Break level crowded! But, we were on a mission to cover as much ground as we could in two days, and we had a dinner reservation at Skipper Canteen (our one table service restaurant we visited this trip) so, Magic Kingdom it was.
My plan was originally to get to MK in the late afternoon, ride the Jungle Cruise and/or Pirates of the Caribbean before our reservation, then have a nice dinner, and get back to the attractions.
Mistake number one...we arrived right before 3:00, just in time for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. This is one of my favorite parades EVER, but, arriving right as everyone is jostling for a prime spot on Main Street is not advisable. We managed to make our way through single file, and realized there was no way to get back to Adventureland until the parade passed. So, we made the most of it, however, I think I am really the only one who enjoyed it.

This is just a tiny glimpse of how crowded it was, and it doesn't do it justice!

Once we could make our way through, we got over to Adventureland, and a quick look at the My Disney Experience app showed an hour wait for both Jungle Cruise and Pirates. Even the Magic Carpets had a 45 minutes wait, and the kids begged to not ride it! So, killing time for our dinner reservations, we walked through Swiss Family Robinson  Treehouse, and it was the most people I have ever seen going through it. Flynn tired out halfway through climbing all the stairs, so Rob and I took turns with Flynn on our backs....for those of you who know me, stairs with a 4 year old on my back are not a good idea, but I made it through with both of us in one piece!
Finally it was time for our dinner at Skipper Canteen, and I was so excited! From the moment this restaurant opened, I have wanted to check it out, 1, because I love the Jungle Cruise, and couldn't wait to see how they brought that to a restaurant, and 2, we are adventurous eaters (even the kids for the most part), and the menu sounded SO good to me. I am happy to report that it did not disappoint! 
The theme of the Jungle Cruise carries though the restaurant so well, our server was fantastic, bringing just the right amount of corny humor to the experience, and the food was pretty darn incredible! We started with an order of falafel, Rob and I were sad to share that with the kids! I think I could have been happy just having a whole order to myself for a meal! For dinner, Rob had the steak. It was cooked exactly how he ordered it, and while it was good, he said it was not the best steak he has had on property. (Our server set our expectations high with that promise!) I had the sustainable catch of the day, which was served with mushrooms and vegetables in a lemongrass broth. It took every but of self restraint to not pick up my bowl and drink every last drop of that broth! The fish was cooked perfectly, and everything was seasoned spot on. Carolyn bravely ordered the whole fried fish, served with Jasmine rice, and it too was delicious, but it didn't cause food envy. 
The boys enjoyed their meals, and when it was time for dessert, Carolyn ordered the rice pudding (about the only thing I really found fault with for the whole meal) and the boys had Volcano Cakes.. I wish I could tell you how they were, but no one was sharing!

Waiting for our table. The outdoor lobby is amazing!

Some pictures of inside Skipper Canteen:

Clockwise from top left: Falafel, Sustainable Catch of the Day, Whole Fried Fish, Volcano 

While we were enjoying dinner, we told the kids to each pick one attraction that was a must do for them since the park was so crowded, and I would try to get a fastpass where I could. We narrowed our choices down to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, and Dumbo. After dinner, we made our way through the crowds (still over an hour wait for Jungle Cruise and Pirates, boo!) to Tomorrowland, Flynn has been on a Monsters Inc/ University kick lately, so we did Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, which he LOVED! I forgot how funny it is with the audience participation! Then, it was time for some Space Ranger action. We got through the Fastpass Line, and right as we were about to get on, Flynn freaked out and refused to ride! So, I took him to the gift shop at the ride exit while Rob rode with Carolyn and Evan. 

"To Infinity....and Beyond!"
After that, we headed to Fantasyland, where everyone vetoed the Teacups (really?? who is this family?!) and decided to take a flight with Dumbo (okay, that redeemed them).

Flynn started feeling sick, so after Dumbo, we called it a night. We had hoped to make it to park closing at 11:00, but 8:30 was all we could get to! It's okay, because tomorrow is another day!

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