Stuck in a Rut

Hi!! I have been quiet lately, and for that, I apologize. Things have gotten crazy busy around here, between work, school, the kids, scouts, and keeping up with things around the house. Unfortunately, all of that led to me slacking big time here with the blog. Working from home is a blessing and a curse, and this week, it has been a mixed bag! Blessing, I was able to go with Flynn on two field trips in the last two weeks. I love that I can have that flexibility to schedule my work around my kids' needs and wants. Which leads me to the Curse of working from home...I am here to take care of all of my kids' wants. Last night, I hit my limit of interruptions for the week! Between the dogs and the kids (okay, primarily, I mean Flynn) every time I sat down to try to write, work on a quote, or take care of any of my client's needs, I heard "Mom!", or the dogs were going crazy, or I was cleaning up a mess. (RIP my awesome Day of the Dead skull) 

Some days you just have to pull out the big mug to get through the day! (plus, Figment makes everything better)

Anyway, so some updates on what has been going on here:

1. WE ARE GOING ON OUR FIRST EVER DISNEY CRUISE!!!!!!! Seriously, I am squealing like      a little kid, and throwing pink sparkly hearts over here! SHHHH, the kids don't know! We are              going in the beginning of February, this is our family Christmas Present. 
2. Flynn has gone to the dark side lately with Nickelodeon shows, and btw, thanks Nick for filling           your space between shows with SO many commercials for kids' crap that I don't want to fill my           house with, but my son is convinced he needs every single thing he sees. 
3. Teenage girls are TOUGH! Trouble in girl land, and we will leave it at that. 
4. Trying to get everything in from the garden, and motivate myself to do something with the tons of       peppers I have. I am thinking jalapeno jelly, hot sauces, pickled peppers.
5. We traded in the Mom Mobile (our Dodge Caravan) for a Highlander, and I am in love!
6. Looking at number 1, and 5, I am reminded that I have an incredible husband!

So, there it is, my life in a nutshell. Oh yeah, and the Gift of Disney is awesome! I would so much prefer experiences that my kids will always remember, rather than stuff that they will one day grow tired of. Want to know more about how to give your family the gift of Disney? Contact Living With the Magic Vacations to get started! 

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  1. Ahh working from home...definitely a blessing and a curse! You guys have a ton going on...and welcome to Nickelodean. Too many times a day I hear, I WANT THAT!!