Disney From a Child's View

Disney is such an incredible experience for the whole family. I love listening to my kids talk about their favorite memories long after we return home. When we went to the World in April, Rob and I were not sure how much Flynn would remember from the trip, since he was still 3 years old. Turns out, his mind is a steel trap! Today, I share with you an interview 6 months post trip.

Me: "Hi, how are you?"
Flynn: "Good!"
Me; "Can you tell everyone your name?"
Flynn: "Flynn"
Me: "What is your favorite things about Disney?"
Flynn "Trading with the Jawas, and meeting Kylo Ren at Hollywood Studios"
Me: "What's your favorite ride?"
Flynn: "Hmmm...which ride did I go on every day last time?"
Me: "You did the Tomorrowland Speedway a couple of times, you did the Tea Cups a lot..."
Flynn: "I think I like the Tomorrowland Speedway"
Me: "Yeah, when you drove the cars?"
Flynn: "Yes, because you got to ride in a race car."
Me: "What was your least favorite ride?"
Flynn: "I didnt like...huh...the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train when we went last time."
Me: "You didn't get on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train last time."
Flynn: "I know, I didn't like it."
Me: "You weren't tall enough."
Flynn: "That's why i didn't like it."
Me: "Kylo Ren, was that the favorite character you met?"
Flynn: "Yeah."
Me: "Do you have another favorite character you met?"
Flynn: "I think uh, I think Mickey and Kylo Ren were my favorites."
Me: "What is your favorite thing to do in Walt Disney World?"
Flynn: "Go to Hollywood Studios every day!"
Me: (laughing) "We only went there one day"
Flynn: "Well I want to go back!"
Me: "What was your favorite souvenir you got there?"
Flynn: "What's a souvenir?"
(Sometimes I forget he is only 4!)
Me: "Something you buy to remember your trip."
Flynn: "Oh! I like the build your own light saber"
Me: "What was your favorite thing you ate at Disney World?"
Flynn: with no hesitation "The mickey waffles!"
Me: "And when you go back to Disney, what's the first thing you want to do when you go back?"
Flynn: "I want to so Star Tours with Evan and Dada."
Me: "Can I go to?"
Flynn: " No. Just with Evan and Dada."
Me: "That's all the questions unless you have anything you want to say about Disney"
Flynn: "I like the tea cups too! I also like to spray Evan with the water guns at the splash pad!"
Me: "Thank you for doing this interview!"
Flynn: "You're welcome."

So, there you have it...the trip is as fresh in his mind as the day we returned. I hear some of my potential clients say that their children are too young, and won't remember their vacation, so they want to wait. I say to that, your child is never too young for the magic of Disney! And, when you go, stop to take in the look of amazement in their eyes, and see Disney from their perspective. It truly is magical!

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