Harmony Barber Shop

Want to know a hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom? When you enter the gates, on the left, before you even start down Main Street, tucked back between City Hall and the Emporium is an old school barber shop. That's right! You can get your hair cut right in the Magic Kingdom! Not only do they do haircuts, their specialty is First Haircuts, and they do them like only Disney can. 

We took Flynn there for his first haircut in 2013, and it has been one of our favorite things to look back on from that vacation!
When we arrived for our appointment, we checked in, and Flynn was called within a few minutes. Once he was settled into a chair, we told the stylist what we wanted for his haircut, and she decorated him with stickers, and gave him a toy to play/distract him with. 

Nothing says distract a child more than stickers!
The whole process took maybe 15-20 minutes, and when we were done, we left with a mesh bag that contained a lock of Flynn's hair and Mickey head confetti, as well as a certificate commemorating his first hair cut, and, the best part of all....Mickey ears embroidered with "My 1st Haircut" on the back!

Our stylist taking the time for Flynn to admire himself

The ears didn't last long once we left the barber shop!

If you are thinking of stopping in for a haircut, I highly advise getting an appointment, although they do take walk ins. Pricing is surprisingly very reasonable (especially for Disney!). The First Haircut Package is only $25, kids cuts (9 and under) are $18, and adult cuts are $19. Haircuts also include a sprinkling of Pixie Dust (glitter) if you want add a little sparkle to your day. 

I can't recommend Harmony Barber Shop enough! If you are in need of a haircut when your Disney vacation comes around, make it a point to experience this!

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