Getting out from behind the lens

So, this week, I have been really struggling with writer's block. I have been going through photos, trying to find some inspiration, and I realized that I did a terrible job as a travel agent, and a blogger, of capturing our Disney trip in April.
When you step out from behind the lens, sometimes, magic happens!

When we went to Disney in 2013, I took, literally, thousands of pictures. My camera went with me everywhere! Between the photopass photographers, mine, and Rob's phones, plus my DSLR, there was not a moment that we didn't have documented. 

In April, I brought the DSLR again, but somewhere along the way, while we were flying down the East Coast, I decided that I needed to be in front of the camera, enjoying the trip with my family, rather than acting as the one to document the trip. I brought the big camera along for one day at Epcot, and I captured a few shots on our last day, but other than that, I stood by my vow to take an active part in this trip. I relied on the photopass photographers and our phones, which means we ended up with some amazing family pictures, a lot of group selfies, and shots of things we truly loved and had fun with. 
The kids may, or may not, have been doing Tae Kwon Do.

I think it is mandatory to take a picture on Dumbo!

As a mom, the job of family historian, documenter, and photographer falls on our shoulders much of the time. When I look back on pictures, I am not in very many of them, as I am the one behind the camera. I live so much of my children's life behind the lens, documenting life, but not living in the moment with them. This trip was a fantastic reminder to get out from behind the lens and soak up all those amazing moments, live in the now, and just have fun with my family, without worrying about getting the perfect picture. I urge you to do the same! 

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