How to Announce Your Trip

We’re Going to Disney World!

  How do you let your family know about the big trip? Is it something everyone decides on together, or do you, the parent, decide when to go, and surprise the kids at a later date?
This is our second announcement to our kids about a trip, and both have been surprises. For this trip, we made the resort reservation, and booked all of our dining, as we were in our 180 day window, and I had a few must do restaurants on the list. (‘Ohana, and Be Our Guest). We decided to surprise the kids with the trip for Christmas. I found this cute chalkboard countdown on Etsy, bought adorable Itty Bitty stuffed Mickey and Minnie toys from Hallmark, and some of our family sent Disney Gift cards up for the kids for Christmas.
I love this guy, and wish I had bought an extra for myself!
 We put all of that into a box, and wrapped it up. Then, Rob put that box into another box, and wrapped it…and repeated that 6 times, so that by the time he was done, there was a HUGE present for the kids! After everyone finished opening their gifts, we pulled out the big box for them to open. Opening box, after empty box, the kids couldn’t wait to get to the main gift. Finally, they reached it, and found their stuffed toys, gifts cards, and the countdown. There was much screaming and laughing, and, thankfully, we got it all on video!
The kids are so happy to have a say in our fastpasses, and have spent hours watching You Tube videos to see all the rides, making a list of all of our must do attractions.

So, how do you choose to tell your family about their trip? I would love to help you come up with a great surprise!
We're going to Walt Disney World!!

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