Double 'Ohana, Double The Fun, Part 1

Wow, where did this week go? I swear it grew wings and flew! Today for Foodie Friday, I am sharing my review of 'Ohana, one of my absolute favorite restaurants at Disney World. We were able to get reservations for both dinner AND breakfast when we went to the World in April. Today, we take a look at dinner!

This is the sign of good things to come!

Ah, the things I do for the sake of research. I had the pleasure of bookending our vacation with ‘Ohana meals. We started with dinner on our arrival day, timed perfectly with an amazing view of Wishes, and ended our trip with the Best Friend’s Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite...almost as hard as picking a favorite child. So, rather than pick the best meal, I will tell you a little about both, and you can try them out for yourself, and come to your own conclusion!

This is where the magic happens!
We had a later dinner reservation, and even though we checked in early, we still waited for about 20 minutes after our ADR time to be seated. However, once we were seated, it was so well worth the wait! We had a table right by the window, overlooking Cinderella’s Castle, perfect for viewing the fireworks! Dinner starts with ‘Ohana’s signature pineapple coconut bread, salad, and honey coriander chicken wings. The wings are incredible; sticky, and a perfect combo of sweet and savory. Please excuse the quality of this picture, it was the best I could get before everyone dove into them!

Seriously delicious! I could make a meal out of just the wings.
Next up we got platters of perfectly cooked veggies, teriyaki noodles, and potstickers. I tried to limit myself on all of this deliciousness, knowing what was up next….MEAT! Our Cousin (the term all servers go by here, because ‘Ohana means family) brought by fresh off the grill skewers of perfectly cooked shrimp, chicken, and steak. I must admit, we went through an embarrassing amount of shrimp (oh, yeah….this meal, it’s all you can eat! Don’t be shy to ask for seconds, although, our Cousin was right on top of asking us!)
By the time dessert was ready to come out for us, it was time for Wishes! The music is piped into ‘Ohana, so you can feel as if you are watching right in the Magic Kingdom. Dessert here is nothing short of amazing! It is a pineapple coconut bread pudding topped with a bananas foster caramel sauce, served ala mode. Seriously, you are doing your tastebuds a disservice if you don’t have at least one bite. I was so full at this point, waving the white flag of defeat well before Rob, who was going through his SECOND skewer of shrimp, but when that bread pudding hit our table, and our cousin poured the tantalizing caramel sauce over the ice cream, I miraculously had room for a small serving. Even my coconut hating husband loved is that good.
When you plan your next trip, be sure to ask about getting your reservation to ‘Ohana! With our concierge level planning service, the Essentials Package, we will take care of securing those hard to get reservations for you! And, this, my friends, is a well deserved hard to get reservation! Stay tuned for my review of ‘Ohana’s Best Friends Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch.

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