Today, I want to talk about how to balance this crazy life. But first, a plug for the perfect way to help find yourself and that balance! Living With the Magic Vacations is hosting our 2nd Annual Girls' Getaway Weekend in 2017. It is a perfect chance for the girls to say goodbye to all their worries for a few days! 
I'm going...and you should too!
As a work at home mom, I need to find a way to balance the kids, the house, the dogs, my job, and all the little things in life. Some days, the balancing act is easier than others, and, I'm not gonna lie...sometimes, it's a hot mess! As much as I long to be "practically perfect in every way", there are days I am more of a Miss Hannigan, than a Mary Poppins.

Some days we have arguments, tears (both the kids, and myself), too much screen time, and meltdowns. When that happens, it is time to take a step back and reconnect as a family. 

There was an undercurrent of restlessness around here brewing this week, so yesterday was a reconnecting day. I got everything that was absolutely necessary done for work in the morning, and since the heat wave finally broke, I told the kids we were going out. We ended up at a Pick Your Own farm to pick, and eat, our share of red raspberries. 

Going to PYO farms is something I have done with the kids since Carolyn was just a baby. Growing up in Houston, there weren't really any local farms you could go to for picking fruit, but every summer, my sister and I would fly up to Maryland to spend a week with our Grandmother, and she would take us to pick strawberries. I remember the drives through woods and rolling country, so different from the miles of flat highways in Houston, then picking our way through fields of strawberries, stopping for a snowball on the way back to Grandmom's, and the smell of strawberries filling the air as she made preserves. 

Years later, I moved to Maryland for school, and settled in with my kids. When Carolyn was a baby, I brought back the tradition of going to PYO farms, and eventually, learned to can and make my own preserves.
Thanks for letting me go back to my childhood, now back to yesterday...
So, after much grumbling from the older two, we went to pick raspberries. But the time we were walking down a trail in the woods until we got to the raspberry patches, all of the grumbling fell to the wayside, and we talked, and picked our way through a few pounds of berries. I could feel all of our tension melting away in the really was a beautiful thing that something so simple could help us reconnect. 

Please forgive the lack of pictures...I left my phone in the van to give my undivided attention to the kids.

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