A Day In the Life

  What does it mean to be a work at home Disney mom?

With three kids, two dogs, chickens (nine as of now), a vegetable garden to tend to, and helping my clients with their Disney vacation plans, there is rarely a dull moment! So what does a typical day look like?
  I usually get up around 7:00, get the coffee on, take the dogs for a walk, and then clean up whatever the teenager didn't finish the night before in the kitchen. In another life, I ran a bakery, and I went to culinary school, so, I make everything I can from scratch. This includes bread...not just any bread, but sourdough. Depending on the day, I will feed my starter, or begin a loaf of bread, then wash dishes again.
  Once all of that is done, it is time to hop on the computer, check my email, see if any new offers for Disney have been released, and if so, apply any applicable discounts for my clients, post on social media, send out any vacation quotes that need to be done, book dining and Fast Pass+ reservations for my clients, and research ways to grow as a travel agent. By now, the kids start to wake up, so it's back to the kitchen to get them breakfast, and I get my second cup of coffee. After breakfast, and more cleaning up, it is back to the computer to work on a blog post.
  Next up...time to clean. I start a load of laundry (did you know that with 5 people in a household, the laundry is never ending?!), then take stock of what all needs cleaning. Fortunately, with two older kids, I can divvy up the chores a bit. After that, it it time to run out and check on the chickens, let them out of the run for some free range recess, feed and water them, and weed and harvest the garden. Weeds go in the coop, along with any veggies that I missed picking that have passed their prime.
  By now, the boys are usually playing (or arguing) with each other. If it is arguing, I step in to referee, and put on a tv show for Flynn if they need to be separated. Then, it is back on the computer to see if anything needs to be updated.
  Depending on the day of the week, I plan out the menu for the week, make my grocery list, grocery shopping, errands, all that fun stuff, and get something out for dinner. By this point it is time for lunch, and more dishes. Where are the Disney animals that help with cleaning up? Years of seeing birds, squirrels and the like helping the princess clean gave me very false expectations!

  Fast forward through reading books, playing games, nap time for Flynn, making dinner, bath time, bed time, and finally, some time to relax on the sofa with Rob to watch a little tv, enjoy a glass of wine, and call it a night. 

Tomorrow I will do it all over again. 

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